Which Share will Give 25 percent Return under 6 month @ Indian Toners & Developers Investment

According to Expert in the 6 months, 25% returns have been advised to invest in Indian Toners. Indian toners use for laser printers and digital machines. The company is also involved in the business of making photocopier machines and multi-function printers. Indian toners export to more than 25 countries.

In the financial year 2017, the total income of Indian toners was Rs 125 cores, while the profit was Rs 13.57 cores. Indian toners’ PE is estimated to be 11 times in the year 2018, whereas EPS can stay at Rs 20. In this sense, Indian tones, at present levels, good money can be made. In the next 6 months period, Indian toners can get a price of Rs 385.

@ Buy for Long Term Indian Toners & Developers Investment and Book 25 percent Profit.