Pharma Sector/ Stocks Strong Action, Fundamental Report Investment

Natco Pharma: Today, there is a tremendous action in pharma stocks. Natco Pharma partner company, Mylan has launched 20 mg of Copengxon and 40 mg tablets in the US market. Natco Pharma has gained 10 percent strength today.

Aurobindo Pharma:  There is a strong 2.5 per cent growth. Actually Aurobindo Pharma  Fondaparinux injection can get early approval. With the approval of Fondaparinux injection, Aurobindo Pharma will benefit from 1.5-2 million dollars. Let us know that Unit 4 of Fondaparinux injection has got a clean chit from US FDA last week.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals is also getting good growth. The manufacturing certificate of Glenmark large unit has been renewed. At the same time, the subsidiary of Cadila Health, Jays, got approval from the US FDA for new medication.

So We Advice to all Investor’s if you want to invest Pharma Sector than you should invest Natco Pharma , Aurobindo Pharma, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals.