Commodity Market : NCDEX Agri Tremendously fast Trading Today

The Agri commodity has gained momentum. Especially in spices, there is an all-round increase except for cardamom. The price of turmeric has gone upwards to the last three months. It has grown more than 20 percent this month. Actually, in the second largest state of turmeric cultivation in the country, there is a possibility of its impact on the cultivation of low rainfall in Tamil Nadu. In Tamil Nadu, 17 percent of the country’s turmeric is cultivated, while 60 percent turmeric comes from Andhra Pradesh. In the same way, Jeera and coriander are also growing up. At the same time Castor has also risen and the price has gone up to the last one month’s upper level. After the fall of the past, guar is trading on the edge today. However, today’s business is getting pressure in Food oils. Palm oil has slipped down to 1 year low in the domestic market. The downside in Malaysia is witnessing the fall in domestic prices. Soya oil is also getting sluggish business.

The July futures of jeera on NCDEX are trading at around Rs.19,155, with an increase of 1.3%, while the July futures of Castor Seed also jumped nearly 1% and is trading around Rs. 4425.